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Elite PFT120H-DST

Nice quality construction and everything fits together nicely. Worth the price. Results are amazing. The instructions are inconsistent between what’s comes with the product and what is available on-line.

Example, Sequence of when to install center support, no mention of black springs use. (I figured it out after putting on wall the obvious sag of bottom outer trim piece.

Special thanks to David Solomon for recommending this screen!

Amazing 4k projector!

So I bought this in place of the vava 4k UST I had to return due to a faulty Arc port. I'm glad I did to be honest. The picture on this is definitely better. Currently I am just projecting on my wall which by the way is painted a dull green color at the moment and still the colors and sharpness is amazing. Waiting on my new house to be built and will eventually get a fixed alr screen but if it can only get better from here I'm thoroughly impressed! The dynamic black option is a n...
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Love it

Great picture, using it for outdoor movie night, paired with elite screen using rear projection, picture quality is excellent.

I also use a pair of Bose portable speakers hard wired to it and it makes the sound great. The internal speaker is not loud enough when using rear projection. Good quality at a good price.

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