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Recent Product Reviews

Awesome Projector

Great out of the box!! Did no adjustments except screen size and focus--Looks perfect!!

Amazing 4K projector

I was going to pull the trigger on this on Black Friday for 2299 but decided to wait until Cyber Monday. Boy, was I sure glad that I did! I saved an extra $200 and have the best projector that I've ever seen. The resolution is phenomenal and the blacks are deep and rich. This projector is amazing!!

Projecting and Protecting Our watershed

I have made a small prototype of a 3D topographical model and have projected on it with overviews of our forested watershed in northwest Sonoma County, California. Gualalariver.org The product worked great, being a much better surface than the raw white PVC that I used for the model. It will be used in fund raising for the final 4x6' version to be used by our non-profit in a local visitor center. Great product!

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