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Worth the wait

Everything worked out great, got the projector, got whole set up done. 

Did a 100 inch ALR UST screen with an Alexa Controlled LED light strip surround. 

The projector is great well worth the wait, movies have been just an amazing experience. 

To be fair, I was a bit disappointed with the Input lag issue, waiting on that promised firmware update. 

I read through the whole AVS foru...
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Awesome and very solid

Great projector mount. A little difficult to understand which components I needed and which version would be best. In the end, I didn’t need the ceiling mount or the 3” drop tube. I mounted the pivot mount directly to the ceiling and then installed the plate on my 37lb JVC NX7 projector. The projector slides into the pivot mount and locks very securely. Feels very solid. Rotation and tilt are very easy to adjust with the projector mounted. Worked out awesome. I would definitely recommend this mo...
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Amazing Projector; almost perfect 100” screen that everyone thinks is an LED TV

4K HDR looks great, especially in the dark / at night. When calibrated correctly and paired with a CLR/ALR screen, it gives a bright colorful image with deep blacks. It can't match the black levels of an OLED, and in bright light it can look more like an LED than an OLED. Still amazing for 100"!

  • Gorgeous 100" 4K HDR image; unit is 12" from wall
  • There was some input lag for gaming at first, but I turned off PureMoti...
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