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Works superb!!!

got it on time and was extremely excited about how it works 8k is awesome on my 8ktv

Great value, with a few caveats

First, the positives. Now that the screen is installed, it works flawlessly, and is a definite upgrade that at the touch of a button turns our living room into a screening room. The tab tensioning keeps the screen quite flat and the images protected look great. The motorized screen has added a wow factor to our home. I can’t compare this to brand name screens that cost twice as much, but I am satisfied with my purchase. Customer support from projectorscreen.com is very good.

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Great service, great paint

We painted our greed screen wall this past weekend with very good results. We ended up putting a third coat on because we are a little nutty, but 2 coats would have been plenty. One wall/3 coats used a half gallon of paint. This paint doesn't have a strong odor which was a nice surprise. I was afraid the room would need a lot of ventilation and it's been so hot I wasn't looking forward to having to prop the door open. We put it on a primed wall. The first coat barely covered and I wa...
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