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Takes a while to build and hang. Easier with a 3rd person to assist with hanging it. Looks great. I can have the room's light on almost directly above the screen and not have any impact on display quality.

Blown Away!

My wife and I were blown away with the amazing image that this screen produces. We've tried it out with several different ust projectors and ultimately settled on the Samsung LSP9T. We've tossed aside our TV as we have an image almost four times larger and just as bright. It did take a little longer than expected to arrive, but setup was easy enough and the results are amazing.

Grandview ALR Screen (fixed 120”)

The screen is great - much easier to pit together than previous posts suggest. Be sure to use the long form instructions (PowerPoint) and not just the paper instructions in the box. Brian from projectorscreen.com is the man - awesome advice and communication. The screen was significantly delayed - ProjectorScreen.com kept me updated and it was not their fault; a cleaning kit was promised by the manufacturer because of the delay, but was not included in the box I received.

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