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Very Happy

The screen arrived exactly as described, well packaged and protected. Great picture, nice design, easy to install, looks great, many thanks!

Out of the box glorious

This JVC projector represents a solid upgrade over what I have so many of my superlatives should be viewed in that light, but at the same time it doesn't diminish how good this projector performs out of the box.

I did my own setup, the mounting plate couldn't have been easier to install. The menu paths are very easy to navigate, within minutes I was able to adjust the orientation, adjust the lens to fit the screen and perform basic focus/zoom tasks. The ful...
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Great Screen

I've owned 4 home theater projection screens, but this is my first motorized. It is also my first that isn't white. The grey is great for areas where it isn't completely dark. We are able to watch movies, etc., while is is still daylight without the screen being washed out. I haven't set mine up where the screen comes on with the projector and stops at the exact level that I want, but that will be done very soon. Highly recommended.

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