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Great image, great sound, amazing HDR

1 - This P1 is amazingly easy to set up. I had it out of the box and projecting on my screen in under 10 minutes (excluding a firmware update). Five minutes of that was making minor adjustments to get the image just right. Total time with the firmware update was under 30 minutes.

2 - HDR on this thing is amazing. I have even seen a display that handles HDR this good. It's the first time that I have seen that HDR WOW factor I've been hearing about. I just neve...
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Quiet, Bright, Easy to Use

The projector arrived in perfect condition, and I was very happy with the additional packaging. Setup was easy and it doesn’t take much to get started. I would say the projector start up time is 10/20 seconds.

Right out of the box, the projector looks great and the Apple TV Menu I could read crisp and clear and the high res pictures they show when you highlight a movie look absolutely amazing.

However, when I turned on Interstellar in 4K, I was a...
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Excellent Projector !!!

As I mentioned in my earlier review, I bought this projector a couple of days ago and I was eagerly waiting for the projector to come. The wait was over last evening, I got the projector delivered. It cane in a very sturdy and secure packing. I can't wait to switch it ON. So, I decided to project on my guest bedroom wall. It took a few secs to start and the few mins to update. I installed the Connect App. The installation was very straight forward and self explonatory. Then I started streami...
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