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Overall the projector is very nice; I'd say it's the best bang for the buck currently.

Overall the projector is very nice. I use it to display on a 150" screen. It's super quiet in normal power consumption mode (which is where I always run it). The lumens are great, plenty of shiny brightness for my theater room (which is very well ambient light controlled). 

The pre calibrated color mode settings are decent. I haven't found that "perfect" setting for most movie/gaming scenarios yet (tweaking with brightness, color, tint, ...
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This is the best projector I have seen.

This is the best projector I have seen. I highly recommend this product.

Really nice screen but the worst instructions!!!

The screen is fantastic! The picture quality even during day time is great (not tv quality, but decent enough to watch) and night Time is like watching in a movie theater. But the instructions are one of the worst. 

They were written by someone whose language skills need to be improved. 

They need to have better diagrams and for wall mounting, the basic thing I expected was a template I could stick to the wall and use for drilling ho...
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