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Best True 4K Screen for the Money

The least expensive true 4K screen is the Grandview, which I tried, and had nothing but problems. This is the next cheapest and it's pretty darn amazing. It's much easier to assemble than the Grandview and is just clearly so much higher quality. The surface is flat, flawless, and is the perfect canvas for a high-end 4K projector. I highly recommend for anyone who wants quality at a reasonable price.

Amazing full 4K projector!

I've had this projector installed for a couple of months now and I continue to be amazed by its performance! Even though it has a lower contrast ratio than its eShift predecessors, I find the blacks to be plenty deep and the picture incredibly rich. My only gripe is that it takes a long time to switch picture modes (any mode change, like from 2160@60pHDR to 2160@24pHDR or 2160@60pSDR)... about 5-10 seconds. So when you start a Netflix show, it always changes picture modes and you lose the...
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Pre-Release Sneak Peak Review by ProjectorScreen.com Staff

We were recently given the opportunity to play around with the long awaited, Optoma P1 UST Laser 4K projector in our office. This is a pre-production model and may differ from the final version expected to start shipping Mid-September 2019.

We will be posting some more in depth content regarding the image quality on this unit however we wanted to address the elephant in the room - the integrated audio.

With on-board aud...
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